Violin maker Mikael Karpaty of

The Violin maker

Mikael has a classical background in Violin making and restoration.

His passion for old Cremona instruments has enabled him to develop his expertise in violin, viola and cello.

As a well-known and trusted figure in violin making, Mikael is providing instruments to artists all over the world.

At Mikaels workshop in the beautiful Old Town of Stockholm, you can try out the instruments for sale or discuss restorations and service of your instrument.

He started his carer with Master Violinmaker Jan Larsson. After his diploma, Karpaty was sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music to continue his training in Cremona Italy.
Mikael has since been working in Australia and Cremona, giving him opportunities to access a large variety of models of the best known Italian instruments.

Karpati Violins are not only renowned for their power of sound and tonal depth but they also express an individuality of style and aesthetic beauty.

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