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Restoring and repairing instruments

This is an essential part of our violin making business in Stockholm, Sweden. We understand how important it is to keep your beloved instrument in top condition, and we offer a comprehensive range of restoration and repair services to ensure it remains in excellent playing condition.

We use traditional techniques and materials to ensure the highest quality of workmanship, and our dedication to detail is unmatched.


Violin maker Mikael Karpaty at
Different violins made by a violinmaker in stockholm

At our violin workshop


here in Stockholm, we believe that every violin, regardless of its age or condition, has the potential to be restored to its former glory. We take great pride in our work and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and craftsmanship to our clients.

If your violin is in need of repairs or restoration, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate, and we will work with you to ensure that your violin receives the care it deserves. 


A long story with repairs


Mikael started his career by studying under Master Violin Maker Jan Larsson, who taught him about instrument repair and restoration, including varnishing, sound adjustment, and repair techniques. With Jan's guidance, Mikael developed a keen eye for detail and learned to appreciate the delicate balance between the instrument's structure and the sound it produces. 

To gain more experience and training, Mikael received sponsor Ship from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music to continue his studies in Cremona, Italy. There, he had access to a wide range of models of the finest Italian instruments and honed his skills in repairing and restoring these masterpieces

After completing his training in Cremona, Mikael moved to Brisbane, where he worked as a repair and restoration specialist for a prominent violin business. During his two years in Brisbane, Mikael gained valuable experience repairing and restoring instruments for professional musicians and music schools across the city.

Today, Mikael is a respected member of the violinmaking community and specializes in repairing instruments like violins, violas, and cellos. He has a deep understanding of the craft and the materials involved in instrument repair, and he uses his skills and knowledge to restore instruments to their former glory.


Violinmaker Mikael karpati holding a violin

Rehairing of bows 

Rehairing is an essential process for violinists, cellists and alt violinists as it ensures that their bow produces the best possible sound. Mikael has years of experience rehairing both low and high-end bows, and he takes great care to ensure that each bow is restored to its full potential. 

The rehairing process begins with a thorough assessment of the bow's condition, including the state of the hair and the integrity of the bow's structure. Mikael then selects the highest quality horsehair for the rehairing process. He takes great care to ensure that the hair is of consistent length and quality, which is essential for producing an even sound.

Once the hair has been selected, Mikael removes the old hair from the bow, cleans the bow stick, and prepares the hair for the rehairing process. He uses a specialized tool called a bow rehairing clamp to hold the hair in place while he attaches it to the bow. Mikael takes great care to ensure that the hair is evenly tensioned, which is crucial for producing the best possible sound.


Reparing of a bow for a violin
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