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A day trip through the violin maker's workshop

Updated: Feb 8

The morning sun casts its first rays over Gamla Stan when the violin maker Karpati opens the doors to his workshop. Karpati's workshop, located on Baggensgatan, has been a creative home for violin building. But the winds of change are blowing, and Karpati has begun the renovation of his new workshop at Bollhusgränd 3.

09:00 – The curtains open

Karpati steps into the workshop, the walls of which are decorated with old violins and work tools. His day begins by carefully inspecting ongoing projects and planning the day's work.

09:30 – Customer meetings

Karpati receives its first customers for the day. Some come to pick up their repaired instrument, others to find a new instrument to play on. Karpati listens to each customer's musical dreams. Together they form a plan to produce a unique violin that carries the customer's personal tone. Each violin is unique and carries a story that Karpati is dedicated to portraying.

11:00 – Lunch break

Just as the clock strikes eleven, Karpati takes a well-deserved break. He closes the workshop and walks to one of the old town's lunch spots. The local fish restaurant where the smell of fresh fish meets him is one of the best according to the violin maker.

12:00 – Renovating the new workshop

After returning to the workshop, Karpati sets about some renovation work. The new location at Bollhusgränd 3 is currently a diamond yet to be polished. Every detail of the renovation is carefully planned to create an inspiring and functional environment for his clients and artistic creations.

15:30 – Repairs

The afternoon is spent repairing customers' instruments. Customers come in with all kinds of problems. Some have suffered a crack in their instrument and others need to have their bows rehaired. Karpati loves the challenge of giving old violins new life. His skill lies not only in building from scratch but also in nurturing and improving existing masterpieces.

17:00 – Building of his own instruments

Karpati reserves this time precisely to work on his own projects. He sits down with wood and tools and builds on his own violins and cellos. It is a time of personal creativity, where he lets his own ideas flow freely and gives life to unique finishes and techniques.

19:00 – The day comes to an end

As the sun sets over the city, Karpati closes the doors to the workshop. He carries today's lessons and experiences with him to the next day of violin building.

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