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Karpati Violin is moving the workshop

An exciting change for luthier Karpati's workshop and an historical connection to a master violin builder from the 18th century

Now the violin maker Karpati is taking a step closer to history by moving his violin studio to a cozier location next to the house where master violin maker Johan Öhberg worked in the 18th century. Johan Öhberg created instruments of high quality. Today, a cello made by Johan Öhberg is considered a coveted treasure and can cost close to a hundered thousand dollars. Having Karpati's atelier close to this historic site creates a unique connection between past and present in the art of violin making.

The new place, located at Bollhusgränd 3, not only offers a more peaceful environment but also provides a view of the royal palace. Karpati plans to renovate the new workshop to preserve the historic atmosphere. A wooden floor will be installed, carefully selected to mimic the appearance of 18th century buildings. The goal is to create a wonderful union between the modern art of violin making and the historical heritage that surrounds it.

This building was made back in 1635

A decisive factor for the move is the practical design of the new premises. The new workshop offers its own entrance facing the street, which not only gives a more professional impression, but also makes it easier for customers to find and enter with their large and small instruments.

For those who have followed Karpati Violin's journey, this change will be an exciting chapter. The new studio will be a place for artistic creation and a place where the history of music lives on through each new instrument that takes shape.

During summer of 2024, we say goodbye to the old violin workshop at Baggensgatan 24, a place where countless hours of craftsmanship and passion for violin building have taken place. We carry the memories with us and continue the violin making in the new workshop at Bollhusgränd 3. A new era for Karpati Violin has begun, and we look forward to the melodies that will be created in this historic environment.

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